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We designed a simple process for scheduling a walkthrough of your home, booking your deep clean, and developing an ongoing plan for maintenance: 

Step 1: Schedule Your Walk-through

Step 2: Receive an Estimate

Step 3: Finalize Cleaning Appointment

Step 4: Relax and Enjoy Your Clean Home

Step 5: Book Your Recurring Cleanings

Ready for Your Home Deep Cleaning in Los Angeles? 

Schedule a 15-minute walkthrough of your home so we can provide an accurate estimate for your upcoming cleaning. Trust Hunter Best Cleaning with your home for: 

  • A thorough, high-quality deep clean
  • Extensively trained and certified cleaners
  • Optional organic and vegan products
  • Accurate quotes
  • Extra time for you to relax
  • And more...

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If you're an existing customer, were referred by an existing customer, want to skip our walkthrough process, or are seeking a sooner cleaning call us for an inquiry: (310)391-1100

Why do you need a Walkthrough? Find out below!

Why Does Hunter Best Cleaning Do Walkthroughs?

If you've been researching alternative options for cleaning services, you might be wondering why we still do walkthroughs while many of our competitors don't anymore. Our short answer: we do it for you! And our walkthroughs only take 15 minutes from your day. 

Everyone's home is different. We want our cleaning services to be the BEST for YOU! In order to provide the thorough and customizable deep clean that you're looking for, we want to see your space and talk with you about your priorities for the cleaning. Our walkthroughs allow us to:

  • Generate accurate quotes
  • Create customizable to-do lists
  • Become familiar with your home
  • And introduce one of our team members to you

Schedule your walk-through today!